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​​ Highly Mobile Child Awareness Washington
Bringing awareness to the issues that highly mobile children outside of foster care and family in the military face from someone who has been there and is now a succesful leader.

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I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington and I currently work with foster youth. I started actively advocating for hildren who have moved multiple times and whom may have had Child Protective Services involvement but may not be put into foster care. After taking a parent leadership class through the Washington Family Engagment Trust, I now public speak and have been a motivational speaker for middle and high school students. I am currently working to get WAC 388-15-077 changed to make it more just for children who have had CPS involvement in the past. My stance is that just because CPS did not take a child out of the care of their parents, doesn't mean abuse did not occur in the home. Abuse takes many forms and some forms are nearly impossible to prove in court which can result in an "unfounded" or "inconclusive" record. That doesn't mean that an adult survivor of childhood abuse should not get the record of the times CPS did get involved and do an investigation. An adult who has had CPS involvement as a child has a right to know what is written about them.

Growing up, I moved seven times and lived with other families at times. My family was reproted to CPS in at least 2 states, but CPS never took me out of my parents' custody. When I became an adult and looked back on my life I had a lot of questions, so I requested my records. To my dismay, one of my records had been destroyed. I didn't even know it existed! I used the other records to help me recover and make a timeline of my life. This is how I began the idea that the CPS laws currently in place in Washington need revision.

I now spend time educating teachers, education professionals, and counseling professionals about the affects trauma has on the ability for a child to learn. I also am available to speak with students about overcoming obstacles to become successful. Speaker's fees are negotiable.


Help me raise money for cancer reseach!! Click me!